Problems of Linked Data

Problems of Linked Data (4/4): Consuming data

The problem of consuming data published in the Linked Data style can be best understood by an example. For instance, imagine a user or a software agent wanting to find out what the capital of Germany is. Let’s assume that the user already knows the URI reference that represents the concept of Germany ( and [...]

Problems of Linked Data (3/4): Publishing data

In the blog post What people find hard about Linked Data, Rob Styles covered the difficulties that people face when they first learn about publishing Linked Data. His analysis is based on the experience of teaching Linked Data hundreds of people with different profiles and backgrounds. According to Rob, people find Linked Data hard to [...]

Problems of Linked Data (2/4): Concept

It’s a bit hard to write about Linked Data because of the many changes it’s going through. Therefore, until it becomes stable again, I’ll stick to the official definition of Linked Data, the one that assumes RDF in it. In order to get a clear perspective on the problem, it’s important to analyze the original idea. [...]

Problems of Linked Data (1/4): Identity

Linked Data is defined in Wikipedia as follows: Linked Data describes a method of publishing structured data so that it can be interlinked and become more useful. Linked Data has emerged from the ambitious Semantic Web idea, as the result of the need for more pragmatic approach in which the emphasis is not so much [...]