Problems of the RDF model

The Ultimate Problem of RDF and the Semantic Web

In the previous posts I’ve covered two important problems of the RDF model, related to blank nodes and literals. Here, I’m going to focus on what I think is the key problem of RDF – the problem of the node of an RDF graph. In the RDF: Concepts and Abstract Syntax, a node is defined as follows:  The set [...]

Problems of the RDF model: Literals

Literals are nodes in an RDF graph, used to identify values such as numbers and dates by means of a lexical representation. Literals may be plain or typed: A plain literal is a string combined with an optional language tag. It is considered to denote itself, so has a fixed meaning. A typed literal is [...]

Problems of the RDF model: Blank Nodes

There is a number of challenges regarding the realization of the Semantic Web vision.  In the series of blog posts to follow, I’ll be focusing on the Linked Data field and the ideas, technologies and standards it’s based on.  I’ll analyze the problems of the three important aspects of Linked Data:  the RDF model, the [...]