What the Semantic Web can learn from JavaScript

RDF 1.1 Primer starts with the following example: <Bob> <is a> <person>. <Bob> <is a friend of> <Alice>. <Bob> <is born on> <the 4th of July 1990>. <Bob> <is interested in> <the Mona Lisa>. <the Mona Lisa> <was created by> <Leonardo da Vinci>. <the video ‘La Joconde à Washington’> <is about> <the Mona Lisa> Then [...]

Can JSON and RDF be friends?

Is it possible to turn RDF into an idiomatic tree-based format? The history of RDF notations, especially the experience with RDF/XML and JSON-LD proved the opposite. Ian Davis summed it up nicely: The main problem I see with the “idiomatic JSON” use case is that although it’s much more usable by the average web author, [...]

Problems of the RDF syntax

An RDF syntax (notation) is a concrete syntax for writing (serializing) RDF triples. There are many different notations, some of which are based on existing formats (XML, (X)HTML, JSON), while others use special formats (Turtle). The problems of the RDF model, discussed in the previous posts, are inherited by RDF notations. Various special cases require [...]